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     Sunshine Krua Thai, the restaurant, is the creation of Pon and Michael Berris. It delivers to you an opportunity to experience authentic, traditional Thai/Laos food that is endemic to the North East of Thailand, an area known as Isaan.

Pon’s recipes have been handed down from mother to daughter plus gleaned from friends and relatives. Many of the ingredients are grown in Pon’s own garden, and most of the product is handmade, not purchased from a wholesaler, so we know what’s in them and can maintain quality. Some come from the gardens of our families, friends and supporters.


We understand that it will not be to everyone’s taste, but for those who have a hankering for the real thing, we know you will love it.

Pon's Mum
Select your spice chilli heat


Sunshine Krua Thai offers 5 levels in the chilli heat range. For those of us whose body won’t tolerate chilli, most meals can be made with zero chilli heat. Beyond that, we rise to a mild, then a medium level before getting to a hot that is considered to be the highest level for anormal western palate. For the seasoned (yes, I know, Dad joke) diner who has travelled and experienced Thai hot, we can offer it, but with a warning!


The last two will burn on the way out tomorrow, not just on the way in! It is recommended that you start out at a lower level as, if you want it hotter, you can add the Chilli sauce or what I call Pon’s dehydrated rocket fuel to heat it up, but we can’t take chilli back out if you ordered it too hot to handle.


Some meals are naturally gluten free, some are by nature vegan or vegetarian. We don’t set out to create meals for a specific group, we cater for people who want an authentic Thai meal, and we welcome you choosing which of our meals suites your taste and life choices. If none of our meals suit you, thank you for your interest, and we recommend that you seek out the flavours and ingredients that do suit you.

Our types of food
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